Understanding how hydroponics works and how it affects the nutritional value of the foods produced can help you decide whether to add these vegetables into your diet.

What is hydroponic produce?

Hydroponic vegetables are grown suspended in a liquid solution containing the minerals the plant needs to thrive. We have upcycled the old Altel Building in downtown Shreveport, providing a acclimatized, enclosed environment.  The water used in hydroponic farming is recycled through the system. Because there is no exposure to the outdoors, our hydroponic vegetables are not subjected to harsh pesticides. We employ organic farming methods, which allows us to meet the organic produce standards.

does hydroponic produce have nutritional value?

In general, the nutritional value of hydroponically grown vegetables is about the same as that of conventionally grown produce. The ability to precisely control the levels of minerals in the water when using hydroponics makes us able to maintain a consistent level of minerals within the plant, unlike farmers of soil-grown vegetables, who may have to fertilize heavily to make up for poor soil quality.

What are microgreens?

While it sounds like a scientific name, microgreens are just seedlings of vegetables and herbs. They’re typically used as garnishes and in salads. Microgreens can have a stronger or milder flavor than their full-grown counterparts, depending on the plant. They're extremely nutritious; all of the nutrients that are found in a fully developed plant are concentrated into these tiny seedlings - up to 40 times higher! Microgreens are popular in restaurants, but also have a place at your table at home. Try adding a few to a standard recipe, or including them in a juice, smoothie, or cocktail.

Do you grow all of your own produce?

Everything grown hydroponically by Cotton St Farms is highlighted in the marketplace. We also work with area farmers to provide additional products. We currently partner with Dixie Maze Farms, Sample Farms, and Cottonwood Cattle Co. We are constantly evaluating the quality of our partner products to meet our satisfaction guarantee, and are always open to expanding our selection. If you have an idea for a partner farm or product offering, please let us know!


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