Our produce

Understanding how hydroponics works and how it affects the nutritional value of the foods produced can help you decide whether to include these vegetables into your diet.

Hydroponic Vegetables

Hydroponic vegetables are grown suspended in a liquid solution containing the minerals the plant needs to thrive.  Our farm is located in downtown Shreveport.  We have upcycled the old Altel Building.  providing a acclimatized enclosed environment.  The water used in hydroponic farming is recycled through the system. Because there is no exposure to the outdoors, our hydroponic vegetables are not subjected to harsh pesticides, and we employ organic farming methods, which allows us to meet the organic produce standards.


In general, the nutritional value of hydroponically grown vegetables is about the same as that of conventionally grown produce. The ability to precisely control the levels of minerals in the water when using hydroponics makes us able to maintain a consistent level of minerals within the plant, unlike farmers of soil-grown vegetables who may have to fertilize heavily to make up for poor soil quality.

General Policies

All produce is hand picked at DixieMaze Farms before being sent out for delivery. Orders received before midnight Monday through Friday will be delivered the following day between 10am and 8pm to the shipping address you list. Orders received on Saturday and Sunday will be delivered the following Monday. On the first order you must buy a delivery basket for $6. After the first order you will set out your delivery basket for exchange.

Order Fulfillment and Delivery

 Orders are filled first for Farm Members and then in the order they are received. If a comodity runs out before all orders are filled then customers will be given the choice to receive a refund for that comodity, back order the comodity or receive a credit to their account. We make every effort to mark as "sold out" comodities that come unavailable for any reason. If we are unable to contact you before the truck leaves for deliveries we will either refund the cost of that item or make a substitution and deliver your order.

Shipping Zones

 We deliver to ONLY the following zip codes: 71101, 71102, 71104, 71105, 71106, 71107, 71108, 71109, 71115, 71118, 71111, 71112, 71037. You do not have to have your basket delivered to your house. We are happy to deliver it to your workplace or anywhere else that falls within our delivery zones. If your zip code is not listed, call us, it's possible that there are others who have the same zip code that have requested service and we can expand delivery areas.

Return Policy:  We guarantee all our products 100%. If you receive something that is not excellent, give us a call and we will replace it.