Understanding how hydroponics works and how it affects the nutritional value of the foods produced can help you decide whether to add hydroponic produce into your diet.


Hydroponic produce is grown in a liquid solution containing the minerals and nutrients that the plant needs to thrive. We have converted a server building located in downtown Shreveport, providing an acclimatized, enclosed environment for our plants. Because there is no exposure to the outdoors, our hydroponic vegetables are not subjected to harsh pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. We employ organic farming methods, which allows us to meet the organic produce standards.


In general, the nutritional value of hydroponically grown vegetables ranges from equivalent to superior when compared to conventionally grown produce. The ability to precisely control the nutrients in the water allows us to maintain consistent levels, unlike soil-based growing mediums, which require heavy fertilization to compensate for poor soil quality.


The water used in hydroponic farming is recycled through the system, with the only water loss occurring through plant consumption and evaporation. Growing our produce in a dense configuration reduces the resources needed from seedling to harvest. We exclusively use LED growing lights and will be installing a solar array to further reduce our impact on the environment.

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